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Locating in Weifang, Shandong, China, as a high-tech enterprise, Shandong Sbyrne Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd integrates research and development, production and sales, which has been devoting to R&D and production of waterline sterilization and cleaning in the field of animal husbandry. ...

Spyrne Full serviceTo create efficient energy-saving water washing equipment

System analysis

Spyrne TechnologyWater line washing equipment production experts

Product Features
1.It generates O3 automatically to oxidize dirt on the line drinker's inner walls, which leads to sterilization of the water
2.The pulsating cleaning method helps to clean effectively
3.Our one-click operation sequencing provides a complete cleaning program for disinfection
4.This quick cleaning procedure for clients saves both time and labor
Advantages of O3- Cleaning
1. Extensive sterilizing effect, with miraculous performance on killing escherichia coli
2. Effective crushing of oxidization organic compounds and biological membrane
3. Automatically decomposes negative oxygen ions, leaving no residuals or damage
4. It rapidly moves into the cell wall of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to destroy their internal structures
When and where the machine is needed
1. In regular operation, cleaning every 5 ~ 7 days is suggested
2. Also use whenever the drinker line is blocked
3. Before or after animals drink biological medicine
4. After feeding animals containing drugs of poor solubility
5. Suggestion: switch off lights during operation of the machine in order to avoid animals drinking residuals.

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